Milestone A Released


Today we released Milestone A, the first milestone of The Butterfly Effect under the new élan on It is meant as a maintenance release, ‘‘let’s polish and release what we have now’’.

  • New UI compared to milestone-9 (actually, the UI was fully overhauled twice)
  • UI is more polished: all in-game dialogs have ‘skins’
  • More languages and more things (e.g. object tooltips, levels) are translated.
  • Much more levels - but we need to test if all levels still work
  • Automated testing of various levels to help ensure that the games runs the same on all platforms
  • Disabled level editor - it is too broken to release

Next up is Milestone B, which we plan to have one new major object, several new levels and the level editor will be enabled again.

To download the latest Milestone, please go to the [Download]/#download) page.

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