Milestone B Released


Today we released Milestone B on It is meant as a first feature release, containing a few new features:

  • make the level creator work again and actually usable (read the README!)
  • several new objects, including Pingus, Cardboard Box, and Seesaw
  • more than 20 new levels, plus fixing all existing ones
  • switch to Qt5
  • run-time switching between languages
  • translations now also available for levels
  • fixing many many inconsistencies and small issues
  • OS X support, but for now only works on OS X El Capitan

Note that this still is a pre-release, we plan to overhaul the GUI in Milestone C.

According to the github issue tracker, 90 issues were handled as part of the development, where an issue can be a small bug or something along the lines of “make the level editor work again”. This was not a light release! Work of dozens of people, including many translators was merged.

We hope you like it!

Next up is Milestone C, in which we plan to overhaul the UI yet again.

To download the latest Milestone, please go to the Download page.

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