New Levels By Wuzzy2

Thanks to @Wuzzy2, our newest contributor, we can now present you with five (!) new levels. Wuzzy2 used the still very raw TBE level editor to design levels that are significantly closer to the original levels from “The Incredible Machine” than most of the other levels in TBE. But… even better: the levers are on average much more difficult, too!

The first level we are going to show is “in the attic”, a relatively straightforward level where the goal is to get the bowling pin from the attic to the floor below. New Level "In the Attic"

The second level is “Construction Yard”, where you have seven steel I-Beams to pop two balloons. I’m sure that everyone will immediately see the circular saw blade in the top-left… That has something to do with the solution. New Level "Construction Yard"

The third level is considerably harder. It is called “Balloon Blues”. There are loads of objects in the toolbox that you can use to pop all the balloons. However, it takes quite a while to figure out all mechanisms to pop all balloons! In addition to the three objects you see, there are also Petanque balls, a quarter arc and a stop. New Level "Balloon Blues"

There are two more levels that we’re going to keep as a secret. (Not that it is a real secret - the sources are on github after all). Both are nicely complex levels that will take some time to figure out. To be honest - I still haven’t found the solution to the last level!

Again, thanks to Wuzzy2 for contributing these great levels!

In addition to these five levels, Wuzzy has also filed about two dozen issues by now. Most of them were real issues, varying from wrong object descriptions to complex bugs. I spent significant time over the last week to satisfy all his remarks. But TBE will be a better game because of Wuzzy2!

Wuzzy for president!

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