TkkrLab & NerdAlert

Last Saturday, March 19 2016, The Butterfly Effect was played in a hacker space in Enschede, the Netherlands: TkkrLab. Tkkrlab exists for five years and organised an anniversary party. Our game was played by young kids and hackers of different ages. Discussing together what a good solution might be for a puzzle gave a good vibe. Next week, March 26 is the open day for hackerspaces and in Enschede The Butterfly Effect will be played again using a beamer.

Playing the game together works really well, it was done before at different conferences (already in 2009!). The attendees playing gave valuable feedback and the game was installed on different laptops. Everybody is welcome on March 26 in Enschede at Tkkrlab to play the game, meet some of the developers and look around in a hacker space and see what is done:

  • tour in the space
  • Workshops
    • Arduino beginners / advanced
    • Soldering an electronic dice (Euro 5)
  • Demonstration of TkkrLab projects
    • 3D printer
    • Pixelmatrix
    • 1D Pong
  • Privacy and the internet (TOR, PGP, encryption)
  • Computer Museum Retro Gaming:
    • Retro-Gaming
    • Commodore 64
    • Amiga
    • Holborn 6100
    • Arcade station with 417 retro games
  • Projector games, e.g. The Butterfly Effect

See for more info Open Dag Hackerspace 2016

Of course, if you want to prepare up front - you can download the game for Windows, Linux and Mac to practice.

NerdAlert : TBE on the radio

The day after (Sunday March 20), a Dutch local radio show, NerdAlert mentioned The Butterfly Effect, spelled the URL and gave a brief description of what it is. Although NerdAlert is on a local radio station (Aalsmeer), it has listeners all over the Netherlands because they visit hacker spaces and conferences and they have an IRC chat (#nerdalert). They broadcast every Sunday 20:00 - 23:00.

Listen to the sample from NerdAlert.

This was a great weekend for The Butterfly Effect!

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